What to Look for in a Tattoo Studio Software

Not all tattoo studio software is created equal. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most important features to look for when sifting through the market.

March 29, 2022

From cost to compatibility, here are our 10 criteria for choosing the ultimate tattoo studio software to boost your tattoo business.

1. UI (User Interface)/Design

Time and time again, we’ve been told not to judge a book by its cover. But cover-judging is sometimes crucial when deciphering if something is of high quality – especially tattoo studio software.

The tattoo industry is a business based on art and aesthetics: cleanliness, precision, saturation, simplicity, dumbfounding detail, eye-catching colors, etc. Software developed specifically for tattoo studios should implement the basic concepts that drive the culture.

You wouldn’t get work done at a shop boasting bad art and poorly done portfolios. And you shouldn’t entrust your tattoo business to a software program that doesn’t understand the fundamental significance of a clean, appealing aesthetic. Linework has worked tirelessly to ensure that our software design inspires confidence and creativity.

2. Performance

Looking for high-performance quality in a tattoo studio software may seem all too obvious. Naturally, you’re going to select the tattoo studio software that operates the best – the one that doesn’t glitch, freeze, or randomly restart.

But this component is especially important when it comes to tattooing. Though technically tattooing still falls under the “gig” category, it’s a full-blown business involving risks, legalities, and important administration.

Unlike other industries or corporations, however, these essential duties are often managed by artists and studios themselves. The presence of a third party or a corporate safety net is typically nonexistent. That means when entrusting your tattoo business to a tattoo studio software, confidence in the software’s performance level is key.

As an artist or studio manager, you are essentially allowing the software to absorb and oversee your business.

For this reason, merely settling on software that “gets the job done” is a mistake. Your tattoo studio software should exceed your expectations every time. Linework won’t leave you hanging.

3. Organization

Whether you’re a neat freak or your station is in constant disarray, your tattoo studio software needs to be highly organized. Each function should be arranged in a systematic manner that serves the sole purpose of simplifying your life.

If you click on a button or link and find yourself further confused or led down an unintended avenue, this is an indicator that your tattoo studio software lacks structure, is underdeveloped, and/or is disused.

These red flags are particularly important to look out for in the tattoo industry as they suggest the tattoo studio software was likely developed without the artist in mind. Linework was created by artists for artists, and this concept is exceedingly apparent in the software’s fastidious layout – each button and link is programmed to expedite all processes.

4. Directness

Tattoo studio software should directly demonstrate how it differs from and exceeds the competition, whether it be through a straightforward statement or the obvious superiority of its programming.

Tattoo studio software that merely replicates other available software is simply rearranging presently failing systems, adding no new solutions or enhanced features.

While the art of tattooing is antique, the business of tattooing is constantly experiencing innovation and growth. That’s why it’s crucial that the tattoo studio software you select is simultaneously advancing – and it’s even more essential that the developers possess the confidence in their product to make it known.

With that said, it should be obvious when shopping for tattoo studio software the ways in which one application differs from the next. If the tattoo studio software you’re considering is indistinguishable, chances are you’re settling for a program that lacks confidence in its ability to boost your tattoo business. Linework is bold about the ways in which our software is superior.

5. Comprehensiveness

Tattoo studio software is meant to consolidate the tedious, unseen tasks that accompany the craft. Therefore, comprehensiveness – the inclusion of all necessary elements – is vital when selecting tattoo studio software.

If the tattoo studio software you opt for is missing administrative elements or lacking basic tools essential to your daily operations, this increases your workload while simultaneously requiring the use of multiple systems.

Operating on multiple systems can cause confusion, disarray, inefficiency, and, ultimately, a decrease in revenue. Comprehensiveness is particularly important when it comes to tattoo studio software as it allows art to remain the focal point of your day through the amalgamation of all business elements.

Linework prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for everything you and/or your studio needs to put tattooing first.

6. Compatibility

Almost every tattoo studio software claims to offer scheduling tools that optimize your calendar and simplify your life.

What many of them fail to mention, however, is that your previous systems must be compatible with theirs in order to transfer the necessary existing data.

If you’re an artist who's been tattooing for quite some time or a shop with a deep history, incompatibility can pose a serious issue as most of your work/client/transaction records will have to be manually transferred to the new system.

Not only is this exceptionally time-consuming, but it also leaves a great deal of room for human error that could result in a loss of revenue.

Linework offers optimized syncing tools that allow you to upload previous calendars and client lists without hassle. What’s more, Linework allows you to automatically sync calendars, payments, and transaction lists with the studio(s) of your choosing.

7. Cost

While you may be willing to shell out a pretty penny for superior tattoo studio software, a quality tattoo studio software won’t have you breaking the bank. Paying close attention to what the tattoo studio software is charging is important as prices tend to indicate intention.

A tattoo studio software like Linework that’s intent on implementing change will typically be free with add-ons available for purchase within the app or industry-appropriate fees as you go. A tattoo studio software intent on making money will typically present a paywall, leaving you to later question if the system really meets your needs.

When it comes to tattoo studio software – niche software that doesn’t yet have a widely recognized frontrunner like Uber for ride services or Doordash for food delivery – paywalls largely suggest a false sense of confidence and desperate reliance on your cash.

8. Specificity

This might go without saying, but your tattoo studio software should be specific to tattooing.

For far too long, tattoo artists and studios have been forced to utilize systems designed for other professions – like beauty salons and business offices –and this has created a lack of efficiency and a feeling of otherness.

While there may be some overlap in the way these industries function, there is no profession quite like tattooing – and for this reason, your tattoo studio software should be designed and developed specifically for the industry.

If the software you’re browsing mentions alternate functions suitable for professions beyond tattooing, consider that a flagrant red flag. Unlike other systems, Linework was born of the realization that an administrative tool made exclusively for tattooing was essential.

9. Security

One of the most notable features of any administrative software is security, and security is especially pertinent when it comes to tattoo studio software as Americans alone spend over one billion dollars a year on body art.

That said, ensuring that your tattoo studio software is equipped to safeguard your passwords, codes, and other sensitive digits is crucial. Your tattoo studio software should work exclusively with trusted payment systems and be able to guarantee that your tattoo business is thoroughly protected.

Linework only partners with the most trustworthy entities in the market and prides itself on being a powerful fortress.

10.  Support

We can all use a little support sometimes, especially when traversing a new tattoo studio software.

While many tattoo studio software features are self-explanatory, some functions may cause confusion which can lead to overlapping appointments, delayed transactions, and stress-inducing situations.

To avoid these unfortunate circumstances, selecting a tattoo studio software with an adequate customer support system is of the utmost importance.

What’s more, your tattoo studio software should include an exhaustive FAQ section that answers questions both simple and complex. Linework is eager to support its users in this way, employing an FAQ section packed with applicable questions & answers and a transparent About us page.