Linework for tattoo artists

Take the pain out of managing your tattoo business.

Take the pain out of managing your tattoo business.
  • Manage your appointments anywhere, anytime from your mobile device or computer
  • Handle transactions with ease through our safe and efficient payment functions
  • Stress less and tattoo more with Linework’s optimum administrative and organizational features

Stop wasting time with systems not intended for tattooing.

Achieve complete control of your calendar

  • Automatically sync calendars, payments, and transaction lists with the studio(s) of your choosing
  • Reduce no-shows with scheduled booking reminders

Handle payments with ease and assuredness

  • Let your client choose a preferred local mobile payment provider for direct payments
  • Accept payments with confidence as Linework is coupled with the most popular and trusted card suppliers

Built-in bookkeeping features

  • Get instant information on rent and taxes owed to stay on time and on top of your finances
  • Create work contracts and crucial documents
  • Enjoy automatic email reporting to your accountant

The tools you need to power your business

  • Automate client communication in line with your appointment progress and status
  • Collect documentation to reduce your risks while keeping clients in the loop
  • Never let administrative duties get in the way of your work again.

All artist features

Booking Calendar

Create and manage appointments with ease, in your desktop browser or mobile device

SMS & Email Client Communication

Automate client communication in line with appointment progress and status

Bookkeeping & Financial Reports

Get the insight you need on revenue, rent and taxes

Mobile payment

Select mobile payment on checkout to let your client complete payment on his own mobile device by scanning a QR-code or through SMS-link

It’s easy to get started with Linework

  1. Sign up for a free account. Linework only charges transaction fees.
  2. Invite your team (if you have one) or join the studios you work with.
  3. Connect your Stripe account to manage payments. All your sensitive details are stored securely by Stripe.
  4. Enjoy full control of your tattoo business!