Linework for tattoo studios

Take the pain out of managing your tattoo business.

Take the pain out of managing your tattoo business.

Manage your studio and artist schedules with ease in one modern, intuitive platform specialized for the tattoo industry. Reduce risk, maintain industry compliance and gain financial control – all in one place.

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Stop wasting time with systems not intended for tattooing.

Get complete control of your studio

  • Appointments and payments can be managed by the artists themselves or any number of managers working at the studio.
  • Linework lets you increase sales while ensuring compliance and effortless control.

Stay on top of all your appointments

  • Create conscientious calendars and/or automatically sync schedules, payments, and transaction lists with artists
  • Automate client communication in line with all appointment progress and status

Reduce risk

  • Automate essential aspects of running a compliant tattoo business
  • Collect documentation to reduce risks while keeping clients in the loop
  • Utilize our digital client declarations to obtain and store required signatures of consent

Gain full financial control

  • Generate accounting ready reports, sync bookkeeping, and highlight important expected expenses
  • Get the insight you need on revenue, rent, and taxes from all your work locations
  • Enjoy automatic email reporting to your accountant and automated rent invoices from artist to studio

All studio features

Bookkeeping & Financial Reports

Get the insight you need on revenue, rent and taxes

Cash Register System

Select mobile payment on checkout to let your client complete payment on his own mobile device by scanning a QR-code or through SMS-link

SMS & Email Client Communication

Automate client communication in line with appointment progress and status

Booking Calendar

Automatically sync calendars, payments and transaction lists with artist

It’s easy to get started with Linework

  1. Sign up for a free account. Linework only charges transaction fees.
  2. Invite your team (if you have one) or join the studios you work with.
  3. Connect your Stripe account to manage payments. All your sensitive details are stored securely by Stripe.
  4. Enjoy full control of your tattoo business!