Plans for artists and studios

Linework platform


For artists

  • Save on accounting expenses
  • No monthly cost
  • Powered byStripe
  • No need for other software

Online payments fees

Transaction fee
2.9% + 30cPer payment
Handling fee
0.45 - 0.90%*Per payment

* Artists working in studios using Linework pay a handling fee of 0.45%, while independent artists pay 0.90% handling fee per payment.

For studios

  • Save on accounting expenses
  • No monthly cost
  • Powered byStripe
  • No need for other software

Online payments fees

Handling fee
0.45%Per payment
What payment options are available for clients with online payment?

Online Payments support the following credit/debit card brands – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & Diners, China UnionPay (CUP), Japan Credit Bureau (JCB).

Why is the handling fee lower for studio-based online payments?

For studio-based service payments, the handling fee is split 50-50 between artist and studio accounts.

How can I set up online payments as a studio?

With a Studio Account, you will have to activate Online Payments and register with Stripe in the Studio Settings.

Where does the money go when collecting online payments?

When clients pay with Online Payment, the money is first transferred to your Stripe account before being paid out to your bank account.

Payouts to your bank account happen daily.

Do online payments support international cards?

Yes. However, the client will be asked to pay an additional 1% fee for international card payments.

This fee is charged by the card providers and will never be deducted from the original payment amount.

Can the client leave a tip with Online Payments?

Yes. The client has the opportunity to leave a tip before completing their payment.

How does online payments work with Linework?

With Online Payments activated, you can send payment links to clients when checking out an appointment or show clients a QR-code to scan with the camera on their phone.

With the link/QR-code, your client accesses a payment portal allowing them to add a tip to the payment amount and enter their card details to complete their payment.

When can I expect money on my account when collecting online payments?

For each payout, it will take 2-4 days before the money reaches your bank account.

How does Online payments work for studios?

Both the Studio and the connected Artist account will need to have Online Payments activated (and be verified by Stripe).

By default, Linework will split payments between artist and studio when a client pays with Online Payment for the artist’s studio services, meaning that the studio automatically charges rent for each payment.

The split is determined by the commission set by the studio for the artist. An invoice for the artist will be created automatically for the amount transferred to the studio, documenting the transaction as a collection of Studio Rent.

Can the client pay with cash?

Yes. You can record cash payments in Linework if you have activated cash payments for your account.

How do I activate online payments?

After creating your Linework account (Artist Account, Studio Account, or both) you can activate Online Payments in Settings for that account.

You will then be directed to Stripe where you will need to complete your Stripe registration.

Stripe requires you to go through a KYC process (Know Your Customer). They will ask that you provide your personal information and proof of identification. This information is safely stored with Stripe and Linework does not have access to this.

When you have been verified by Stripe (it will take approx. 3-4 days) you will be able to collect online payments with Linework.