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Taking Back an Overlooked Industry

Investing in Linework isn’t just a financial decision; it’s a strategic partnership with a team that is rewriting the rules of industry management. As we continue our trajectory of growth and innovation, your investment fuels our shared mission of unlocking value and driving unprecedented change.

Why Invest in Linework?

Unlocking the Future of Tattoo Industry Management

At Linework, we stand as a testament to the profound impact of our administration tool on the tattoo industry. We have navigated the industry’s complexities and challenges firsthand, allowing us to not only understand our value, but also to recognize the transformative potential Linework brings.

Unparalleled Industry Expertise

Our team boasts an impressive seven-year journey, honing our craft as pioneers in the tattoo industry. With a combined 18 years of domain knowledge, we have meticulously developed the premier administration tool tailored for this unique sector. This depth of experience sets us apart, enabling us to succeed where others have faltered.

Empowering Scalability

Linework’s cutting-edge administration tool is not just limited to the tattoo industry; it’s primed for broader application across various industries and new geographies. Our technology is engineered with scalability at its core, ready to seamlessly adapt as we extend our reach into new countries and sectors.

Tapping into Global Tattoo Economy

The tattoo industry stands as a global economic powerhouse, generating a staggering $21 billion in revenue in the US alone. Boasting over 2 million artists worldwide, the industry presents an untapped wellspring of opportunity. As pioneers and first movers, Linework is strategically positioned to capture this latent demand and shape the future of this dynamic market.

Proven Funding Success

Having achieved remarkable progress through seven successful funding rounds, Linework is now embarking on a significant funding milestone. This marks our transition into the broader market, presenting a unique investment opportunity for those who recognize the potential of our transformative technology.

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