About us

Taking Back an Overlooked Industry

Taking Back an Overlooked Industry

Tattoo artist and studio owner Kai Ree has been in the game for over 17 years. In that time, Kai was forced to utilize unfit tools and solutions made for other industries.

Unfortunately, this vast technological chasm often rendered Kai’s business inefficient. Desperate for common stance, Kai shared his concerns with peers around the globe and soon realized his problem was not his own.

Rather, the need for an administrative tool geared specifically toward tattooing was universal.

The reality: With a lack of knowledge, time, and supporting tools, tattoo artists and studio owners are unable to meet the increasing demands from both clients and authorities.

Today’s general solutions consist mostly of elements that don’t communicate or consolidate calendars, accounting systems, and card terminals/cash registers.

Linework is born

With Linework, all elements synchronize automatically, so you won’t need old, outdated systems designed for hair dressers or other industries completely unlike our own.

You’ll be able to handle your booking calendar, total financial reports, payment checkouts, and even offer financial solutions to clients.

Our app is designed specifically to help tattoo businesses run smoothly, so you can get back to what really matters: your linework.

The team and partners

Linework’s Responsibility

Linework has a vision to make the world a better place – not only for tattoo artists, but our children and future generations as well – through donating funds and spreading awareness. Like so many companies, big and small, Linework has a responsibility.

Our purpose is to help operations that slow and save our planet from entering an irreversible state.

That’s why we’ve selected a handful of organizations that we’re passionate about providing for, and a share of every single transaction that goes through our system will be donated to one or more organizations of the artist’s choosing. Clients will also have a chance to donate upon checkout.

Our partners proudly assist rainforests, the ocean, animals, and people in need.